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Logo: Assoc. of Bay Area Governments

Discover organizations from across Canada, and the rest of the world, who are contributing towards the gentle density movement and the delivery of homes that people want, need & deserve.

Name: Association of Bay Area Governments

About: The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) defines itself as “part regional planning agency and part local government service provider.” It has a mission to strengthen cooperation and collaboration across local governments in California to build healthier, stronger communities and strives to accomplish their goals by providing planning services and cost-effective ABAG member services to local governments struggling with rising costs and diminishing incomes.

The public is invited to all ABAG meetings and has access to the same tools and research, with a focus on a broad range of policy areas, including the delivery of gentle density & missing middle housing.

For more information: Head to their website.

The Association of Bay Area Governments, based out of San Francisco, California, has developed a series of useful resources to support local planners in their communication efforts in advocating for the adoption and delivery of Gentle Density Housing. These include videos, presentations, and simple “fast fact” style messaging guidelines.

Key resources include:

Please note: While the resources listed here are free to download, some of the resources contained within the website’s library are behind member/pay walls.