Offsite Construction

Key insights:

This Small Housing guidance paper presents research findings from interviews, focus groups and a multi-stakeholder roundtable, including the participation of industry experts, building officials and key government representatives to unpack current barriers to adoption and explore approaches to accelerating the use of offsite construction to grow gentle density supply.

This guidance paper provides background information, identifies key barriers and offers recommendations in seven areas:

  1. Government Initiatives
  2. Industry Collaboration and Knowledge Building
  3. Municipal Toolkits for Offsite-Ready Local Governments
  4. Offsite-Ready Construction Financing
  5. Pilot Studies for Modular Streamlining
  6. Standard Design Catalog and Design Competition
  7. Enterprise Zone Incentives

This discussion guide provides an overview of housing affordability in Metro Vancouver, looking at trends in persons experiencing homelessness, available housing supply, rental housing supply, the purchase price of homes, and the percentage of homes with a core housing need.

Key insights:

Compiled by Simon Fraser University, this paper explores:

  • The roles of different levels of government to produce and maintain affordable housing
  • Alternative ownership and tenure models (include housing/equity co-operatives and collaborative housing)
  • Affordable housing finance tools (including equity loans, community land trusts, and group mortgages)
  • Cost saving models to reduce construction costs (including using modular pre-fab housing and micro units) along with each models’ advantages and challenges.