Based out of Melbourne, Future Homes offers a useful blueprint to consider in the delivery of pre-approved designs.

Facilitating the construction of enhanced gentle density dwellings, Future Homes was developed by the Department of Transport & Planning in Victoria and offers four distinct sets of site-less designs available for purchase, each boasting unique styles, layouts, and designs.

Key insights:

  • Pre-approved designs simplifies & streamlines the planning process for citizen developers and related actors
  • Pre-approved designs provide a versatile and customizable approach to apartment construction
  • Can play a central role in fostering better and more adaptable living spaces for diverse communities.

Image to the left shows Design Strategy Architecture with IncluDesign‘s “Future Homes Design A”.

Emphasizing factors like layout, landscaping, private open space, light, natural ventilation, and privacy, the guide is a vital resource for enhancing design and ensuring consistency across diverse housing projects.

The comprehensive Low-Rise Housing Diversity Design Guide for complying development was crafted in collaboration with the New South Wales Government, councils, industry stakeholders, and the community, and offers a standardized approach to designing and delivering high-quality dual occupancies, manor houses, and terraces.

Explore the guide and be inspired on how to elevate the quality and cohesion of low-rise housing developments.

Embracing the evolving needs of NSW’s growing population, the low-rise housing diversity code brings about a shift in housing choices. As households change and preferences diversify, this code facilitates the construction of well-designed dual occupancies, manor houses, and two-storey terraces through a streamlined approval process.

Following three years of extensive consultation, the code responds to the demand for homes that suit various lifestyles and budgets, contributing to the creation of vibrant, desirable communities. Explore firsthand accounts in our video series showcasing how gentle density homes have become the sought-after choice for families across diverse backgrounds.

These series of videos, developed by the New South Wales Government, highlight that gentle density homes are a form of homes that people want, need & deserve. The videos are an effective example of the power of videos in compelling storytelling, and ought to be a key component of any public engagement toolkit.