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The Gentle Density Toolbox aims to be a comprehensive suite of resources, showcasing leading practices and insights into gentle density housing, with a focus on action across British Columbia.

The Toolbox actively encourages users to explore new resources, engage with colleagues and contribute your own materials to propel the momentum of gentle density development. 

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Gentle Density Network

The Gentle Density Network is a community of practice for local government planners in BC to advance gentle density initiatives. We host in-person and online events aimed at building our collective knowledge network, sharing resources, and promoting innovation.

The Planners Forum is our home for online dialogue amongst local planners to support this work.

Small Housing BC

The Gentle Density Network and the Toolbox are initiatives of Small Housing.

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to catalyze the evolution of single-detached neighbourhoods that provide ground-oriented homes, equitable for all.

We do so through research, technical advising, advocacy and capacity building efforts with government and industry partners.

What is Gentle Density Housing?

Residential, predominantly single-detached neighbourhoods in British Columbia have become increasingly unattainable for the majority of the population.

One way to address this is through gentle density – the concept of increasing density by building smaller, more affordable homes in a way that is compatible with the existing built environment and neighbourhood. This includes backyard cottages, laneway homes, secondary suites and infill duplexes, triplexes and quad-plexes.

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