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Stories of Practice: Tl’etinqox Community Elder Cabins

Profile: ReHousing

The Gentle Density Network Webinar Library

Teaser: Zoning comparisons across Canada (2024)

Gentle Density Housing Bylaw Guide: A pathway for local governments

Small-Scale, Multi-Unit Housing: Toolkit for Local Governments (2024)

“Close” – Mapping Tool

Small Housing Case Study: Abolition of Single-Family Detached Zoning

Guidance Paper: Ownership & Operations of Gentle Density Housing

Guidance Paper: Offsite Construction for Gentle Density Housing

Guidance Paper: Gentle Density & Energy Efficiency

Immigrants’ Access to Homeownership in the United States: A Review of Barriers, Discrimination, & Opportunities – Joint Center for Housing Studies (2023)

A Review of Barriers to Great Use of Manufactured Housing for Entry-Level Homeownership: Joint Center for Housing Studies (2024)

Profile: Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies

Profile: Canadian Urban Institute

Profile: Casita Coalition

Profile: Strong Towns

Profile: Association of Bay Area Governments

Profile: Terner Center

Profile: Smallworks

Finding the Missing Middle in the GTHA: An Intensification Case Study of Mississauga (2018)

Infill Challenge 2.0 – Best Practice Guide: City of Kelowna

Infill Housing – City of Kelowna

Provincial regulations & policy manuals – BC Government

Finding the “Missing Little” in Toronto

Accessory Dwelling Units – City of San Jose, CA

Challenges in Pre-Approved Building Plans – Congress for New Urbanism [Video]

Housing Policy Initiatives – Pew Charitable Trusts

Residential Infill Project – Portland, Oregon

Talking Missing Middle Housing: Assoc. of Bay Area Governments

Missing Middle Housing Informational Report – City of Sacramento (US)

Future Homes: Pre-Approved Designs (Australia)

Low Rise Housing Diversity Design Guide – New South Wales (Australia)

Low-Rise Housing Diversity – New South Wales Government [Video]

What Government’s housing reforms mean for Auckland – Auckland Council [Video]

The Auckland Unitary Plan Explained – Auckland City Council

Small Housing Case Study: Single Egress Stairs

Small Housing Case Study: Fire Flows & Infill Housing

Small Housing Case Study: Infill Housing Program

Small Housing Case Study: Sample Home Designs

Small Housing Case Study: Garden Suites

Small Housing Case Study: Pre-Approved Building Plans (United States)

Small Housing Case Study: California’s Legislation allowing separate sale of ADUs

Small Housing Case Study: Pre-Approved Design Program for ADUs

Small Housing Case Study: Livability Amendments to Zoning Bylaw

Small Housing Case Study: Fee-Simple Rowhouses

Small Housing Case Study: Pre-Approved Building Plans (Canada)

Small Housing Case Study: Incremental Density

Small Housing Case Study: Housing Choices Program

Small Housing Case Study: Exemptions in Building Code on construction & conversion of buildings

Five units, & above

Two Units

Three units

Four Units

Sample Homes Design: Tweedsmuir

Sample Home Design: Comox

Sample Home Design: Mount Pleasant

Sample Home Design: Schoolhouse

Sample Home Designs: Koo’s

Sample Home Design: Richmond

Sample Home Design: Belton

Sample Home Design: Mosaic

Sample Home Design: SoMa

Sample Home Design: Campbell

Sample Home Design: Glynn

Sample Home Design: Caledonia

Sample Home Design: Carruthers

Guidance Paper: Gentle Density & Land Economics

City of New Westminster: Resources

Town of Gibsons: Resources

Village of Cumberland: Resources

City of Victoria: Resources

City of Terrace: Resources

District of Saanich: Resources

City of Nelson: Resources

City of Nanaimo: Resources

City of Quesnel: Resources

City of Kelowna: Resources

City of Kimberley: Resources

City of Coquitlam: Resources

City of Burnaby: Resources

Comox Valley Regional District: Resources

City of Rossland: Resources

City of Richmond: Resources

Salmon Arm: Resources

Town of Sidney: Resources

North Cowichan: Resources

Resort Municipality of Whistler: Resources

District of Squamish: Resources

City of Prince George: Resources

City of Vancouver: Resources

City of North Vancouver: Resources

City of Delta: Resources

City of Port Coquitlam: Resources

District of Oak Bay: Resources

Guidance Paper: Gentle Density & Infrastructure

Guidance Paper: Gentle Density & Affordability

Stories of Practice: Anspayaxw (Kispiox) Band Sixplexes

Stories of Practice: Xaxli’p First Nation Fiveplex

Stories of Practice: Nuutsumuut Lelum – Island Urban Indigenous Wellness Society

Stories of Practice: LíÌwat Nation Duplexes

Build South Bend: Pre-Approved Building Plan Sets (2023)

Costs of Providing Infrastructure and Services to Different Residential Densities (2023)

Provincial Policy Manual & Site Standards: Small-Scale Multi-Unit Housing (2023)

Profile: Incremental Development Alliance

Detached Accessory Dwelling Units – Who benefits and who pays? (2020)

Missing Middle Solutions Lab (2021)

Residential Intensification Case Studies: Built Projects (2004)

Opening Doors: Unlocking Housing Supply for Affordability (2021)

Residential Infill – City of Edmonton(2022)

Affordable Housing Task Force (2021)

Regional Parking Study: Technical Report (2019)

Unlocking the Potential of Missing Middle Housing (2022)

Residential Intensification Case Studies: Municipal Initiatives (2003)

Rethinking the Housing Affordability Crisis (2015)

Missing Middle Housing: The Types (2023)

Secondary Suites/Home Suite Home (2023)

Guidelines and Policies for Social Connection in Multi-Unit Housing: A Co-Creative Workshops (2022)

Housing Needs Assessment Tool (2022)

Filling in the Spaces: Ten Essentials for Successful Urban Infill Housing (2003)

New Pathways to Encourage Housing Production: A Review of California’s Recent Housing Legislation (2023)

California ADU (2019 – 2023)

An Exploration of Housing Types (2003)

Tiny Homes: An Alternative to Conventional Housing (2021)

ADUs: Case Studies and Best Practices from BC Communities (2021)

Homes for Islanders: An Integrated Housing Solutions Framework for Salt Spring Island (2023)

ADU Equity Strategies (2023)

“This was meant to fix the housing crisis…” [Video]

Measure Twice, Cut Once; Episode 39: A Podcast from HAVAN

Measure Twice, Cut Once; Episode 46: A Podcast from HAVAN

Ask the Experts: Gentle Density with Tamara White, Small Housing BC [Video]

Opening the Playbook: ADU/Middle Housing Reform Strategies in the U.S. and Canada

Infill Development in Edmonton: Strategies for Success [Video]

Gentle Density Solutions for British Columbia’s Housing Crisis [Video]

Exploring Gentle Density Supply & Housing Affordability [Video]

Exploring Public Perceptions of Infill Housing in British Columbia [Video]

Pipes & Wires: Servicing and Infrastructure for Gentle Density Housing

The Parking Break: Parking Reform and Gentle Density