Gentle Density Solutions for British Columbia’s Housing Crisis [Video]

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In this edition (March 2023) of Small Housing’s Gentle Density Network series, we seek to learn more about our policy proposals to expand the supply of affordable and attainable housing in British Columbia.

Featuring Jake Fry, Founder and former director of Small Housing BC; Akua Schatz, Director of Small Housing BC; and Tamara White, Associate Executive Director of Small Housing BC, the panel explores the policy levels available to release the potential of single-detached neighbourhoods and encourage the creation of housing that will meet the needs of today’s families and communities.

Key insights:

  • Is the solution to more attainable housing located right in our backyards? By subdividing properties, strata titling has the potential to deliver creative, smaller-scale homes that can unlock doors to attainable housing and expand options for aspiring homeowners.
  • Strata-title for accessory dwelling units could not only unlock more housing options for first-time buyers, it has can play a key role in supporting the financing of new supply.
  • The panel explores how a Permanently Attainable Home Ownership (PAtH) model can support both attainable home ownership and secure affordable housing for middle-income earners. PAtH is an innovative homeownership framework that blends non-market and market units within a single houseplex configuration or infill layout. The approach utilizes existing assets (land from homeowners), planning tools (density bonus and strata-titling) and affordability enablers (covenant on title for non-market units) to incentivize the creation of attainable housing. You can read more about PAtH in our Small Housing Guidance Paper on the topic.