Missing Middle Solutions Lab (2021)

Icon of a bookPolicies and Regulations

This report aims to rapidly develop and scale solutions to address some of the main land use policy, project financing and design challenges faced in delivering affordable missing middle housing.

Key recommendations:

  • Reforming zoning bylaws to allow as-of-right development of Missing Middle housing,
  • Reforming current public consultation processes
  • Creating incentive programs and seed funding (via CMHC) for the development of missing middle housing
  • Establishing missing-middle specific building standards and development fees
  • Creating a set of missing middle typologies that can over time allow for replicable approval, design, finance, and construction phases.

A pilot project has been identified in Little Jamaica (Toronto) to test out the proposed affordability framework and housing financial models advanced in this report.

Additionally, a National Scalability roadmap has been created to continue to progress the work of the Missing Middle Lab, through maintaining partnerships, bolstering municipal support, and developing design catalogues and financial incentives.

This report was authored by CMHC & Keesmaat Group.