Residential Infill – City of Edmonton(2022)

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The City of Edmonton is working to enable residential infill development to meet the increased housing needs of a growing population.

Key insights:

  • This dedicated web page features an Infill Data Explorer tool to learn more about community trends in development and find potential sites for construction, and a Compliance Dashboard displaying current inspection and enforcement information.
  • In addition, two Infill Roadmaps have been released – the first in 2014 works to establish community support and familiarity with infill development, with actions including:
    • Creating a public-facing information hub
    • Creating a robust communications strategy (including community programming and events), providing resources for residents to engage with infill conversations
    • Launching demonstrative pilot projects.
    • Preparing to increase infrastructure capacity (such as drainage) and creating a supportive regulatory environment (including allowing garden suites) are also explored.
  • The second Infill Roadmap (released in 2018) builds off the previous roadmap to provide later-stage actions, including a fulsome review of infrastructure capacity, developing tools to improve housing affordability, and reducing barriers to missing middle and where appropriate medium-scale development.