What Government’s housing reforms mean for Auckland – Auckland Council [Video]

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The Auckland Unitary Plan is a comprehensive and city-wide rulebook that guides how land can be used and developed in the Auckland region. It essentially sets the blueprint for the city’s growth and development over the coming years. The plan covers a wide range of topics, including where different types of buildings can be located, what activities can take place in specific areas, and the rules for preserving the environment and heritage. It’s a crucial document for city planning, ensuring that Auckland develops in a coordinated and sustainable way while considering the needs and interests of its residents.

In this video, Auckland Council explains some of the key changes to housing policy being brought about by the AUP, including the role that missing middle housing can play in:

  • Offering more diverse housing choices
  • Addressing gaps between single-family homes and high-rise apartments
  • Enhancing community character, affordability, and walkability.